Art Talks

art talks

ART TALKS is a cultural arts discussion series, presented by The Arts At Page Library. The discussion series features work by artists of color from the past and present. Held monthly, a multimedia presentation is introduced to art library patrons about the artist of the month and then a conversation is open for all to join in to discuss the featured artist. Check out our new ART BOOKCASE that houses our archived ART TALKS online.

Fall 2016, Artists ft. at ART TALKS:

Spring 2017, Artists ft. at ART TALKS:

ART TALKS Presents:


Artist: Lois Mailou Jones | Credit: Free Public Domain

Lois Mailou Jones, African American Renaissance painter, educator, and illustrator on March 8th, 2017


Multimedia Presentation & Discussion


4:00 PM – 5:30 PM


Inman E. Page Library, 712 Lee Drive, Room #100, Jefferson City, MO 65101


Free to university students, faculty, and the community