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The Arts At Page Library hosts a monthly Social Literati Book Club during the academic fall and spring semester. The group meets once a month in the afternoons at Inman E. Page Library, Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Coffee and treats are provided at our physical location. We also meet once a month online for virtual members. All members are required to purchase their own books or check them out at the library. We welcome all readers and lovers of literacy to our book club.

Registration Ends: January 31, 2017

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gal-by-joesphine-humphreysSpring 2017 book selection entitled: Gal: A True Life, by Ruthie Bolton

Download Reader’s Guide: Gal: A True Life, by Ruthie Bolton

About Book Selection:

From Google Books

Ruthie Mae Bolton was born January 6, 1961, in the Hungry Neck section of Charleston, South Carolina. At the time, her mother was thirteen; she has never known who her father was. Her mother was the wandering kind, so Ruthie Mae-nicknamed “Gal” by her stepgrandfather-was raised in her grandparents’ home. One day Grandmama died as a result of a severe beating by her husband-it occured to no one to call this to the attention of the authorities-and Gal was left in the brutal hands of her granddaddy, who beat her unmercifully as well. Ruthie Mae began to steal things in school and she developed a stutter; she drank and smoked dope. But she stuck resolutely with her education and graduated from high school, which was likely her salvation, for today Ruthie Mae is happily married, with children and a fine job. At last she is at peace-with herself and even with the memory of her grandfather. It is nigh impossible to convey the astonishingly eloquent simplicity of Ruthie Mae’s witnessing to her time. Here is an absolutely remarkable document, as touching as it is painful, as ageless as it is timely.

New Member Interest Meeting: January 25th | 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Location: Inman E. Page Library | Room #317

Admission: Free


Fall 2016 book selection entitled: NW, by Zadie Smith. NW_150dpi

Download our NW Literary Reader’s Guide.

About Book Selection:


One of the New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of 2012

Set in northwest London, Zadie Smith’s brilliant tragicomic novel follows four locals—Leah, Natalie, Felix, and Nathan—as they try to make adult lives outside of Caldwell, the council estate of their childhood. In private houses and public parks, at work and at play, these Londoners inhabit a complicated place, as beautiful as it is brutal, where the thoroughfares hide the back alleys and taking the high road can sometimes lead you to a dead end. Depicting the modern urban zone—familiar to city-dwellers everywhere—NW is a quietly devastating novel of encounters, mercurial and vital, like the city itself.

New Member Interest Meeting: September 8th | 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Location: Inman E. Page Library | Room #317

Admission: Free