Advisory Art and Cultural Committee


The Arts At Page Library, Advisory Art and Cultural Committee

Dedicated to the Belief that African American Art and Culture is Essential to a Changing World and Transforms Lives




The Arts At Page Library, Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee was formed to promote cultural arts within the university and to help foster opportunities for art students and community artists.


The Arts At Page Library, Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee Members will serve as advisory curators, helping with decision-making processes regarding arts programming. The committee will make a recommending selection process to ensure equal access for artists of all backgrounds for the artist-in-residence program. Encourage connections with other local, regional and national organizations working for the benefit of art and preservation of artistic values in academic libraries. Suggest grant-funding opportunities, help with fundraisers, and attend gallery space events to help support the program.


The Arts At Page Library has 12 seats open on its art advisory board, along with university administrative seats. Members are invited from the academic and professional community of Jefferson City, Missouri and will serve on the board for (4) semesters of the academic calendar year. The chair and co-chair will be appointed by members through a voting system.

2016-2018 | Committee Members:

  • Honorary Chair: Mayor Carrie Tergin
  • Art Chair: kYmberly Keeton
  • Art Co-Chair: Essex Garner
  • Art Secretary: Gloria Robertson
  • Grants and Business: Cynthia Scroggins
  • Marketing Coordinator: Dr. Lois Heldenbrand
  • Cultural Curator: Jan Curtiss
  • University Outreach: Ruth Canada
  • University Library Liaison: Ethan Cordray
  • Community Relations Liaison: Rebecca Gordon
  • Director of Library Services: Dr. Rinalda Farrar
  • University Administration: Dr. Debra Greene
  • University Administration: Dr. Rolundus Rice
  • University Administration: Joseph Watkins

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Interested community volunteer committee members contact the Arts Library Coordinator for opportunities throughout the fall and spring semester: