TAAPL Presents | Free Public Staged Reading of ‘It Can’t Happen Here


Join The Arts At Page Library for a FREE public reading of It Can’t Happen Here, written by Sinclair Lewis and adapted by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen. The staged reading is being promoted nationally by Berkeley Repertory Theater. TAAPL will begin casting for the reading on January 23, 2017.

In 1936, Sinclair Lewis adapted his novel into a play under the auspices of the Federal Theatre Project, and theatres across the country opened productions on the same night. To commemorate the 80th anniversary of that undertaking and in conjunction with Berkeley Rep’s production of a new adaptation of the novel, numerous regional theatres, universities, and communities across the country have signed on to read the new adaptation by Artistic Director Tony Taccone and screenwriter Bennett S. Cohen.

Written during the rise of fascism in Europe, Lewis’ darkly satirical It Can’t Happen Here follows the ascent of a demagogue who becomes president of the United States by promising to return the country to greatness. Witnessing the new president’s authoritarian tyranny from the sidelines is a liberal, middleclass newspaper editor from Vermont who is caught in the chaos of social upheaval.

In addition to its own current production of It Can’t Happen Here, Berkeley Rep has organized a nationwide reading of the script. Currently 43 organizations in 20 states have committed to presenting a free public reading. The Arts At Page Library was given the rights to host a special screening during  their (2017) Black History Month celebration.

Reader’s Theater Details:

The reader’s theater project is open to university students, faculty, and the community. If you are interested in being a reader – read the details below and we will see you at our first meeting.

Feel free to sign up to become a reader early here: theartsatpagelibrary@gmail.com. Readers that sign up to perform will receive a confirmation email along with details about rehearsal schedule.

  • TAAPL will begin casting for the play on January 23, 2017 from 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM at Inman E. Page Library, 712 Lee Drive, Room #317, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101.
  • The play will be staged on February 15, 2017 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm at Inman E. Page Library, 712 Lee Drive, Room #100, Jefferson City Missouri, 65101.

Visit Show Website Online | Download Commemorative Program


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